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Metamorphic Massage


Life naturally carries a regenerating force, but through the ages we have lost the capacity to use it to cure ourselves. Contemporary humans need a catalyst that allows them to reconnect with their interior vital Force of Life. The practitioner plays the role of such a catalyst. Like the soil helps a seed without intervention, he helps a patient to reconnect with the force of life and to deepen their awareness without mental intervention, judgement nor analysis.

Only the expression of the present moment is being received.

Origin of the metamorphic massage

The metamorphic massage, also called metamorphic technique, has been invented by Robert St John a naturopath and reflexologist around the 1960s.

This technique finds its roots in reflexology and considers the impact of the prenatal period and birth.


Life starts at the conception. During the 9 months preceeding birth, our physical, mental, emotional and behavioral structures are put in place. Any emotion, tension, event or shock the mother goes through is recorded through the spine of the baby. The father is equally involved in this process.

These structures are reflected in the body at different locations:

What happens during a session ?

Pied de Bébé

After a preliminary conversation, the practitioner practices a gentle massage of the feet, hands and the head on the reflex zone of the spine.

At the end of the session, an occasion to share feelings is offered if the patient so desires.

The practitioner is merely a catalyst that helps the vital force of life to flow, without mental intervention, analysis nor judgement.

A session typically lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

What are the desired aims ?

  • releave negative memories that were recorded during the prenatal period and during birth,
  • releave certain emotional and comportemental structures inscribed in our subconscious,
  • break with
    • stress,
    • fears,
    • anxiety,
    • repetitive patterns,
    • weariness,
  • allow to let go, recover our creativity, serenity and live in full consciousness.

To whom these sessions are recommended ?

No limit of age, from baby to a person at the end of life.

Particularly recommended for:

" It is not because things are difficult that we dare not do them. It is because we dare not to do them that they are difficult." Henri Gougeaud (translated from French)

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