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Origin of reflexology ?

Reflexology finds its roots in the Chinese and Egyptian civilizations where massage of pressure points on the feet was practiced.

Papyrus montrant la reflexologie en Egypte ancien.
Reproduction of a papyrus after a pictogram dating from 2500 bc found at Saqqarah in the tomb of doctor Ankhmahor. According to the Papyrus research institute of Cairo these hieroglyphics mean: "don't hurt me" to which the practitioner replies : "I will do such that you will thank me ".

Reflexology considers the body as an indivisible unit where all elements are interacting with one another.

The principles of reflexology form the bases of techniques that optimise functionality of all systems of the body glands, organs, nerves, chemical substances, etc. that is, such that the body is in a perfect working order.

There are 7200 nerve endings in each foot. This explains why we feel so good when we take care of our feet.

These nerve terminations are tightly interconnected with the spine and the brain connects to all parts of the body.

Carte des zones réflexologie des pieds.
Map of reflexology areas of the feet.

What are the aims ?

Foot massage is an excellent means to :

  • releave tensions, tiredness, stress,
  • provide physical and mental relaxation,
  • eliminate toxins, enhance immunity,
  • enhance health by improving the functions of the body.
Massage pieds

Start by doing the necessary, then do what is possible and you'll do the impossible without noticing. St François d'Assise.

Remark :

Reflexology is one of the natural alternatives that can only enhance other therapies when integrated in any health recovery program. Even though an excellent complement to traditional medicine it does not dispense of medical consultation regardless of the symptoms.

Beware :

Note that these massages are not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart problems, kidney stones, haemophilia, thrombosis, acute phlebitis, or following organ transplants.

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